φ820 Thermal Expanded Pipe Production Line Deliver

​ Tianchang Kanghong petroleum pipe Co., LTD. Ordered us 820 thermal pipe expansion production line and all the equipment has been successfully shipped . The production line equipment includes steel ... ... [MORE]

BAOSTEEL Φ 1020 Steel Pipe Thermal Expansion Unit

​ Baosteel Group ordered my factory 1020 large steel tube thermal expansion unit has been shipped. This machine unit is the fifth thermal expansion production line ordered by Baotou Steel Group from ... ... [MORE]

φ820 Steel Pipe Hot Expansion Production Line Fini

In April this year, our client Tianchang Kanghong petroleum pipe Co., LTD. puchased our 820 tube induction thermal expanding production line. Including Induction Thermal Pipe Expansion Machine, Graphit ... ... [MORE]

The third φ914 steel pipe expanding unit delivery

​ 914 steel pipe expanding machine unit was delivered successfully. This is the third large steel tube thermal expansion unit ordered by Changjiang Steel Tube co.,ltd. With the delivery of equipment, ... ... [MORE]

φ914 Steel Pipe Hot Expanding Machine Delivery

​ Wuxi Huashi Steel Tube Co., LTD has ordered the 914 steel tube hot expansion machine unit from our factory. We have completed the machine manufacturing in time, and delivery smoothly! Client ordere ... ... [MORE]

Invited To Visit The Factory Of The Old Customer

​ Recently, our factory at the invitation of the customer to visit the production site of several old customers in wuxi city, and according to the customers actual situation to give new expansion sug ... ... [MORE]