Carbon Steel Rectangular And Square Pipe Making Machine

RSH Round To Rectangular Steel Pipe Making Machine
1. Equipment Uses
The Rectangular Pipe Forming Machine Unit is cold rolling special use equipment by pushing and squeezing the round pipe to square tube, rectangular tube or a variety of special tubes. The side length and wall thickness of square and rectangular tubes produced based on the technology has reached the best in the industry. The machine unit can also be used as cold sizing equipment of large and medium diameter steel pipes.  

2. Equipment Features
1) Adopt metal profile rolling technology, and round tubes as raw materials, all kinds of metal round pipes (e.g., welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, seamless pipe, galvanized pipe, copper pipe, alloy pipe and so on) is rolled into various kinds of special pipe metal (such as elliptical tube, plane oval tube, D-shape tube, half- round tube, hex pipe, mushroom tube, bread tube, T-shape tube, H-shape pipe, triangle tube,rectangular tube, square tube, etc.) of all metals section tube, featured with easy to operate, high yield, no loss, low cost, no surface scratch, short time to replace the rollers , it can be used for a variety of materials, shapes, thickness pipes to meet the production needs of different customer.  
2) The finished pipes are mainly used in construction (such as support base, frames, railings, handrails), highway and city barriers, fitness equipment, furniture and furniture, radiators, motorcycle and bicycle accessories, lighting and mechanical accessories, etc. It solved the problem of single product and incomplete specification on the market. 
3) The machine is highly automatic and easy to operate, with high output 9-11.5 m/min. 
4) Different sizes and specifications of pipe forming machines can be customized according to customer needs.

3. Square and Rectangular Tubes Technical Parameters:
1)Max:side length×side length=800×800 ;wall thickness:35mm;
2)Min:side length×side length=25×25; wall thickness:2mm
3)Tube length:3~15m
4)equip the suitable square and rectangular tubes forming rollers sectionally.


3. The Equipment Technical Parameter Table For Reference : 

The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user’s required technical parameters such as pipe diameter, length, and wall thickness etc.So if you want to learn more accurate details, pls contact us !