Steel Pipe Inside Surface Polisher

MGN- II Steel Pipe Internal  Polisher Machine

1. Equipment uses
This equipment is steel pipe internal grinding and finishing equipment, which is mainly used to grind inside surface defects of various seamless steel pipe and straight welded pipe with stainless steel and alloy steel.
And also it can grind and renovate kinds of waste pipes inside surface. As to the strict requirement to the protection of environment, the equipment is very suitable for anticorrosion, grinding and antirust treatment
for seamless steel pipe, straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. Compared to other derusting technology, it is more safety and environmental.

2. Equipment technical parameters:
1)abrasive wheel size:OD φ150~400mm,IDφ38~127mm,wall thickness 30~100mm,granularity 10#~36#
2)grinding head single arm length:6.5~7.5m
3) grinding head abrasive wheel grinding pressure of light model internal grinding machine is controlled by bidirectional spring control. The lift of grinding head abrasive wheel is controlled by lift motor.
4) air pressure adjustment of grinding head abrasive wheel grinding pressure of heavy model internal grinding machine and lift of abrasive wheel are controlled by PLC programming control. It has realized smart control of whole production process and
improved grinding quality and efficiency of steel pipe.
5) the equipment is divided into 3 specifications: heavy type, medium type and light type. The key part-long grinding rod is also with 3 kinds of specification:
①heavy type:long grinding rod(abrasive wheel spindleφ60); OD is φ159mm;
②medium type:long grinding rod(abrasive wheel spindleφ55); OD is φ140mm;
③light type:long grinding rod(abrasive wheel spindleφ55)OD is φ86mm;
6) As user’s requirement to environment protection, it can be equipped with wet type centrifugal dedusting mechanism ( or dry type deduster ).

3. Equipment technical parameters:
1)Diameter:φ219~φ1420mm(sectional design and manufacturing the equipment)

4. Equipment structure
underbed guide rail, grinding head bogie, steel pipe rotating roller,  wet type centrifugal dedusting mechanism ( or dry type deduster ).
1)heavy type grinding machine allocation:pneumatic control system, smart control system (including PLC programming and HMI control system), operation desk (touch screen). 
2) light type grinding machine allocation: electric automatic control system,operation desk, grinding rod balance weight box.

3. The Equipment Technical Parameter Table For Reference : 
The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user’s required technical parameters such as pipe diameter, length, and wall thickness etc.So if you want to learn more accurate details, pls contact us !