Hydrotest Procedure Piping Testing Machine


SYJ-IA Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine For Pipes

1. Uses and Features

1) The hydrostatic testing machine is one of most important steel pipe inspection non-standard equipment. It adopts radial sealing method with functions of flush before test, pressure check, lift and water drainage after test.It is controlled by PLC with features of advanced structure, steady operation.

2) The equipment uses master oil cylinder thrust and smart balance control system(oil-water balance) to do hydrostatic testing. It adopts PLC programming smart control touch screen operating system, displaying the test pressure at real-time. The testing pressure curve can be automatically printed and also can be stored in computer hard disk.

3) The equipment is with simple structure, high production efficiency, wide range of product specifications, movable and lockable  steel pipe pressure head push plate which can test various lengths steel pipes. The equipment applies to hydrostatic testing for seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe and spiral welded pipe.

2. Equipment Technical Parameters:

1) Maximum test pressure:5~70MPa(the equipment is designed and manufactured according to user’s requirement on steel pipe OD and testing pressure);
2) Master cylinder(according to the requirements of the pressure,use 1~6pcs),intelligently control thrust of hydraulic master cylinder to be balanced with steel pipe testing pressure.(oil-water balance),total thrust:50~3000ton.
3) The pipe ends sealing form : end face seal, radial seal ( according to user’s requirement ). Advantages and disadvantages:For radial seal, there is 20-30mm testing blind area at ends of pipe, the equipment cost of end face seal is much higher

3. Testing Pipe Parameters:
1)Diameter:φ21~φ1420mm;(sectional design and manufacturing the equipment)

4. Equipment Structure
base, thrust plate, pressing push plate, balance pressure crossbeam, master cylinder pressure handpiece, steel pipe holding device, hydraulic control system, control cabinet, operation desk (touch screen), water pressure control system, PLC programming  smart control system.

3. The Equipment Technical Parameter Table For Reference : 

The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user’s required technical parameters such as pipe diameter, length and the max testing pressure etc.So if you want to learn more accurate details, pls contact us !