Cold Elbow Making Machine

Hydraulic Cold Elbow Making Machine

1. Cold elbow machine Introduce :
This series of stainless steel elbow forming machine is used for cold push forming .
The elbow fittings are mainly used for industrial pipe connection fittings , such as petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, oil and gas transportation, electricity and food.
Adopting the different molds to produce different standard pipe fittings, such as national standard, American standard and Japanese standard etc.

2. Cold Elbow Machine Construction features:

The series of cold push elbow forming machine structures with 2 types of structure:
one is a whole structure, featured with simple installation ,which is suitable for elbow of less than 8".
The other one is a divisible structure, the main machine can be divided into several large parts, which is convenient for shipping.
The hydraulic system and electrical system adopt touch screen, PLC and proportional valve to control pressure and speed. It can realize the functions of automatic and semi-automatic .
The operation process is: loading material → pressing button → demoulding and unloading material.


3. The Equipment Technical Parameter Table For Reference : 

The equipment can be designed and manufactured according to user’s required technical parameters such as bend diameter, wall thickness and radius.So if you want to learn more accurate details, pls contact us !